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Injection Molding

In the process of injection moulding, a thermoplastic polymer is heated past its melting point, turning it from a solid to a fluid that has a relatively low viscosity. This melt is mechanically injected, or pressed, into a mould that mimics the ultimate shape of the product that will be produced.

Tool & Dies

The most popular technique for shaping or cutting material using a press is die design. Die-making is a cost-effective method for producing specialised goods, from paper clips to high-tech vehicle components. Complex equipment like cutting tools, dies, moulds, and other machinery and parts are made by tool and die makers.

3D Printing

A digital file is used to produce a three-dimensional solid object in 3D printing, sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing. The '3D printer' sequentially deposits layers of material during the 3D printing process until the thing is fully constructed.

3D Scanning

3D scanning is the process of gathering data by studying a real-world object, person, or environment. A 3D scanning device, or 3D scanner, will gather the subject's shape and maybe appearance (such colour). A 3D model, which is a digital object with three dimensions, can then be created using this data.

Printing (Pad, Laser & Screen)

The process of pad printing involves printing a two-dimensional image on a challenging three-dimensional object. Pad printing has become more widespread over the past 50 years as it has proven to be more adaptable than competing techniques like screen printing and hot stamping.

Product Assembly

A productive product assembly line separates the manufacturing operations into steps that are carried out in a predetermined order. The most popular technique for manufacturing goods in large quantities is using product assembly lines.


The goal of coating techniques is to deposit a liquid onto a web. The simplest coating techniques use a liquid's viscosity to regulate thickness and consistency. Solvents are added to coatings that are applied at atmospheric pressure to reduce viscosity and aid in flow and levelling.


The act of applying paint or another substance to a flat surface, most frequently a canvas, is referred to as painting. Using a paintbrush is a frequent way to apply paint or other types of colour. However, painters do employ a variety of equipment, including knives, sponges, and spray paint.


Utilizing a machine tool to cut, shape, or remove material from a workpiece is known as machining. The best machine tools are used to perform all of our machining. A reamer is a tool used in machining to more precisely enlarge existing holes.

Ultrasonic Welding

The connecting of materials (metals and plastics) happens without melting during the solid-state welding process known as ultrasonic welding. High-frequency mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the components to be joined during ultrasonic welding, causing the components to slide over one another.